Repost: Keeping up with a machine – San Gil to Duitama

Nick's Bike Tour

Having hardly ridden my bike at all for the last few months, I suddenly found myself struggling immensely to keep up with a well trained cycling machine, aka Alonso, who I met through the cycle touring network ‘’ (videos below).  Before heading to Duitama though, we made a morning trip to Panache by bus to check out Chicamocha canyon.  Having experienced the pain of missing out one too many times on some of the thousands of distracting possible side trips this journey has offered whilst crossing two continents, I wanted to avoid the tedious sense of regret and desire of wanting to travel back to San Gil to check it out.  Even travelling short distances in Colombia seems to take many hours whatever the transport.

Chicamocha is a spectacular canyon, there is no doubt, but this has also brought with it the predictable human desire of profiting from nature by creating a massive…

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