Trampolin de la Muerte – Mocoa to Pasto

In this episode:
– Destruction of Colombia’s incredibly diverse and beautiful environment for the sake of money that I’m told only a handful of people seem to benefit from;
– Epic scenic winding mountain route with steep drop-offs famous amongst Colombian touring cyclists and the people of the south;
– A poor night’s sleep in an abandoned room with a strong odour of urine and loud trucks passing by all night within 15 feet of my head;

Huila – The Kindest People in Colombia – Gigante to San Agustín

Huila – The Kindest People in Colombia … and that’s a bold statement in a country that seems for the most part, to be full of love and friendliness. Until I reached San Agustín 10 days later I was offered a bed in someone’s house virtually every night. Sometimes before they’d even spoken to me….

Into the guts of Colombia part I – Bogota to Lozania (Huila)

Our adventure took us down various twists and turns as we followed the back roads into the hot foothills of the Cordillera Oriental…. With the rise in FARC guerilla activity in Colombia (such as the recent and bewildering environmental damage caused by the oil pipeline attacks in Putumayo, near the border of Ecuador), there was initial concern as to whether taking to the back roads was a good idea…