Route so far

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Total Distance (as of 14 mar 2015): 19,000km
Total Elevation Gain (est.): 300km
Start: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (North America)
Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina (South America)
Central America in detail.
Download the GPXs here from website:
North AmericaCentral America, South America (future).

Route to date. The distances with long straight lines are generally where google maps couldn’t compute the route. Or occasions where I was compelled to take a ferry, sailing boat, canoe, or the (rare) bus (New Mexico to California)

North America Ele_profile

North America profile (to Quetz. Guatemala). Distance: 13100km,Total elevation gain: 236km

Central America elevation profile

Central America elevation profile: Quetz. Guatemala to Cartí, Panama. Distance: 3800km.

5 thoughts on “Route so far

  1. I have been checking your site often and am concerned that you have had no new entries. I sincerely hope that you have not come to any harm and are just too busy to update…

      • Oh thank God and thanks for letting me know. I am really relieved as I had imagined all kinds of horrible scenarios. Enjoy your break and I am looking forward to following you again when you continue… The very best to you…. I am off to Punta Perula Oct 28 and back to Canada April 15.

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